The 10 Most expensive homes within 10 miles of Austin

Every now and then it's just fun to look at the most opulent homes on the market. This was written in July of 2018 so it will certainly change, but these are the top 10 most expensive listings on the market within 10 miles of downtown Austin in increasing price.

#10 - 4501 Island Cove

Even at the end of the list, this home is amazing. It's the whole Italian villa in Texas thing, and incredibly well done. The gardens and exteriors feel lavish like you're on perma-vacation, and the interiors are incredibly intricate with high wooden ceilings and archways. There is an overwhelming amount of detail in every room. If house Martel lived in Austin, they would live here. This 5 bedroom, 8 bath and 11,774 sqft villa on the water beneath Mt Bonnell is a bargain at $7,795,000.

#9 - 4902 Tortuga Place

This home reminds me of when I lived in Seattle. The wood, glass, and concrete combo is very popular in the Northwest. It is a super clean, almost sterile look and I really like that. As someone with minor OCD, clean lines and clear spaces are calming. This house has all of those. This 5 bedroom, 6 bath, 6,046 sqft slice of Seattle in Austin on 1.8 acres is $8,750,000.

#8 - 2105 Island Wood Rd