8 Tasks that will help sell your house the fastest

Pressure washing — check. Window cleaning — check. All light bulbs working and smoke detectors functional — check. Landscaping trimmed and front door painted — check. What else could sellers possibly need to do to get a home ready to fly off the market?

If you want to crank things up a notch for a speedy sale, tackle these eight tasks that’ll have buyers racing to put in an offer:

1. Caulk and regrout

Photo credit: Halfpoint | Shutterstock.com

Take a look at all of the baseboards and moldings throughout the house. Are there any areas in need of caulking? Examine areas around bathtubs and showers as well. When was the last time these had any touch-ups with caulking or regrouting?

This is the time to freshen up these areas to keep them looking well maintained.

2. Appliances

Photo credit: Squared.one | Unsplash

When was the last time the refrigerator was cleaned out and wiped down? What about the oven? Give those appliances a deep cleaning inside and out.

Buyers will be opening that oven door and peeking in the dishwasher. Nothing is more of a turnoff than seeing burnt remnants of Thanksgiving dinner or baked items from long ago. Ditto for a dishwasher full of hard water stains or worn elements.

3. Sprinkler system