• Local market insights.

  • Referrals to local businesses.

  • Invites to special events.

  • Focused and layered marketing.

  • More than 2 specialists paying attention to your home.

  • Immediate response to your needs.

Our Promise to You

We create personalized experiences whether you're a seller, buyer or you're simply looking for an estimate for your home.   


Austin is where we are raising our family. Our family and friends enjoy a great lifestyle in a unique city. We know our city from the rolling hills and river access to world-class music and the best of what Austin has to offer.


We are locals with a lifetime of connections and knowledge.



    ​​We analyze the specialties and weaknesses of different builders, what features are worth the price, and the availability of those features in the marketplace.

    We know how long a home will likely last based on its price and condition and what it will take to sell a home or make an offer that is accepted for the specific areas we work in.



    Because we concentrate on a specific sub-market of Austin, our marketing is layered across both digital and physical realms.

    We have a very specific 11-point marketing plan that will present a compelling vision to targeted potential buyers online and offline to get them to come look at your home.

    We know where your property stands every week as that market moves.​



     ​​​We endeavor to be at your side every step along the way to buying or selling your home. We don't wing it.

    It is our promise to you to give you the best service we can. We track a list of requirements for every person we work with so nothing is missed.


    Our first priority is always creating the best outcome for you.


    Our team divides each part of the experience to a specialist. They each own and master their part of the transaction. So you have at least 3 people all paying attention to your home, each taking care of and safeguarding what needs to happen to get you the best outcome.


    We want you to have the best possible outcome. It is our responsibility to deliver that.

    We like to think that we are building a family with every client because our standard is to treat each one the same way we would treat our family.

    We create a win-win through creative thinking, great marketing, and the highest of ethical standards.


    We agree and serve a very specific area of Austin. We live here, we work here, and the majority of our clients are here.

    Because of that, our efforts to sell other clients homes will benefit you too because we focus and layer our marketing in the same place.

    We aren't trying to be everything to everybody. Put our focused expertise to work for you.


    We sell homes for a higher price than the market average and we complete more than eight times the number of transactions than the average agent does.

    Our results speak for themselves because the 80/20 rule applies to everyone and everything. Make sure you choose a team that is in the 20% where the vast majority of results come from.


    It is a real time world, and thankfully technology has enabled us to answer faster than ever before. Because we are a team, there will always be a person you can reach every day of the week.

    During the business week, you can expect a reply within 4 hours, usually much less. During the weekends, we try to get back within 24 hours, and most of the time faster than that.


    Moving your life forward to what is next for you is what we focus on enabling. We do that by listening and understanding so we can help with the house part of getting you there.

    We keep you informed with a proactive communication schedule so you are not left wondering what is going on. We write a weekly report on your home and let you know how it compares to the market at is evolves so you can make an informed decision.



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